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5 most attractive Dubai off plan investment opportunities in 2024

5 most attractive dubai off plan investment opportunities in 2024 compressed

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Dubai’s off-plan property market has grown exceptionally over the past few years, driven by demand from residents, local investors and foreign high-net-worth individuals. The off-plan segment still accounts for a large chunk of the market and is growing at a decent pace. It’s expected that Dubai off plan properties demand will continue at a double-digit rate this year. Almost all the signs in 2024 indicated there’s a chance for Dubai real estate to cover record sales this year. Keeping all of them apart, we’ll discuss the most attractive Dubai off plan projects of 2024. Continue reading for more insights.

Dubai Off Plan Market

Dubai off plan property investment presents a compelling opportunity for savvy investors as studies underscore the prominence of waterfront communities, townhouses, and villa developments. As it stands out for their attractiveness, investors can expect potential returns from the Dubai off-plan properties developed by any of the most leading developers.

Future Proof Investment

Dubai off plan properties is climbing up as an attractive investment option for 2024 by offering competitive prices, flexible payment plans, assured high returns and with the support of a visionary government. If you are an investor in search of an opportunity that capitalizes on Dubai’s bright future, you can choose off-plan properties in Dubai for a profitable future proof investment.

Dubai’s Infrastructure Drives Off Plan Boom

The city’s strong and advanced infrastructure development coupled with the active involvement of prominent developers such as Emaar Properties, Nakheel Properties, Meraas, Damac, Ellington, Aldar and others shows well for investors. With the expansion of metro lines, major road highways and the introduction of the Etihad railway, Dubai’s real estate sector is set for continued growth and prosperity. Holding the scope of Dubai off plan properties and its high demand, the city is sufficient with uniquely themed off plan projects in Dubai.

5 Attractive Dubai Off Plan Opportunities

If you are someone planning to invest in Dubai, then opting Dubai off plan properties must be an ideal yet smart move. Even though you would have to wait until the completion of the construction, there’s a great profit waiting for you by that time. So, it is essential to have a careful study about the market for proper understanding. As part of it it is a must to know about the best options you have to invest in Dubai real estate.

Dubai Islands

World Islands in Dubai
After Palm Jebel Ali, Nakheel is opening up another new destination for waterfront villas and mansions offering beachfront and golf course communities. Dubai Island has emerged as a prime destination for investors seeking luxurious living amidst breathtaking surroundings. With a promise of forthcoming projects including shopping malls, 5-star hotels, residential buildings, and expansive open beaches, Dubai Island is poised for exponential growth. The new releases start at Dh4 million for 3- and 4-bedroom townhouses.

Dubai Hills

dubai hills estate dubai real estate

With 128 transactions in February, the community boasts a strategic location and world-class amenities. Dubai Hills presents investors with amazing opportunities for both residential and commercial ventures. Its integrated community concept, coupled with infrastructure, makes it an attractive option for those looking to capitalize on Dubai’s thriving real estate market with an average sales price of Dh1.6 million.

Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali compressed
Twice the size of Palm Jumeirah, it would offer an amazing lifestyle with over 80 hotels, resorts and homes, powered by renewable energy, spanning 68 miles of beachfront living, complemented by a championship golf course, marina, theme park, shopping mall and world-class amenities, providing an ideal setting for work, live and family life with waterfront views and quick access to key locations such as Dubai Marina Mall and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai creek harbour
With the upcoming Dubai Square Mall, spanning 2.6 million sq ft and featuring a drive-through mall, 10,000 residential units, over 1,500 hotel rooms and a bustling retail district, this project offers modern living. Its scenic waterfront and diverse amenities make it a magnet for savvy investors. With sea transport access, Dubai Creek Harbour enhances its appeal as a dynamic investment destination.

Rashid Yachts and Marina

Valley Best Investment Opportunity
Standing out with competitive prices per square foot among waterfront master communities, Rashid Yachts and Marina offers investors a unique opportunity to be part of an Emaar Master community. With a comprehensive range of amenities including shopping centers, retail outlets, coffee shops and restaurants, this waterfront gem is a promising investment prospect.

Why Off Plan Properties?

Off-Plan Property Market
Off-plan properties refer to developments that are under construction or not yet built. These properties can be bought directly from a developer and rarely from a first owner. Talking about the appreciation experienced by Dubai off plan properties, you can have a proper idea about the scope of investing in it. In 2019 Dubai off plan property transactions were less than 40% of Dubai’s construction market. This shows that this type of transaction does not include all property investors as end users may want to get their property as soon as possible. But once you wait for the completion of your future house, Dubai off plan property will transform as an excellent opportunity to purchase real estate at the lowest price possible and to gain maximum capital gain by handover. In 2020, the average price for a Dubai off plan property in sq ft was AED 719 compared to AED 1,304 per sq ft for a readymade property. For Dubai off plan properties, the price rose from AED 1,004 per sq ft in 2012 to AED 1,825 per sq ft in 2023 (81% increase, 7.4% per year). This is almost two times less! It again proves how significant investors can profit from investing in such kinds of developments. With a steady rise in prices and the promise of acquiring real estate at lower costs, it’s a path worth considering for those seeking long-term growth in their investment portfolio.

Advantages of off-plan property:

● The primary advantage is savings. Buying Dubai off plan property allows an investor to get the lowest possible price.

● To sell before the project is completed. It is often a situation when investors can find a buyer prior to the handover of a project. It certainly brings a significant profit, if you assume that the project became popular, and the market performed well.

● The chance to choose the best apartment. Getting to choose first allows picking the best option from the available ones, which increases the possibility of maximizing the return on the investments.


By strengthening its position as a global business and tourism hub, the demand for both off plan developments Dubai is expected to increase in future. With the demand, the property values and the rental returns will rise in a way early investors in Dubai off-plan developments to achieve substantial returns upon completion. Evaluating the current condition, 2024 is heading into making Dubai real estate the most promising destination to invest in.


Which are the best off-plan projects for investment in Dubai?
  • Dubai Islands
  • Dubai Hills
  • Palm Jebel Ali
  • Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Rashid Yachts and Marina
What are the advantages of investing in an off plan property?
  • Savings
  • Sell before completion
  • Potential for price appreciation
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Newer buildings and amenities
  • Lower initial costs
Why Dubai for off plan property investment?

Dubai is a city that offers no property taxes and increasing population make it a great place to invest. The visa program, visionary government, and a number of property options in different themes makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Most importantly it provides strong rental returns, high ROI and relatively low property prices makes Dubai ideal for a sound investment.

Which is the best developer in Dubai that offers best off plan projects?
  • Emaar Properties
  • Nakheel Properties
  • Ellington Properties
  • Aldar
  • Damac
  • Meraas

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