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Michaela Hamilton

Real Estate Agent at Xperience Realty Real Estate

  • RERA Number: 54229
  • Language: English

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Michaela is a highly experienced and knowledgeable luxury property consultant in the Dubai Real Estate Market, offering clients top-tier investment property options. Her expertise lies in building trustworthy relationships through complete transparency, attention to detail, and a direct approach. A logical and analytical professional, she leverages facts and figures for strategic negotiation, ensuring her clients secure the best deals. She maintains her premium reputation through superior service, open communication, and consistent professionalism, with a strong commitment to offering her clients utmost privacy, trust, and confidentiality.

About Michaela Hamilton

Michaela brings an extensive Wealth of Knowledge & Expertise to each of her clients on the Dubai Real Estate Market.

Michaela’s Impressive expertise enables her to provide her clientele with only the very best Investment Property options. Her forte is building strong, trusted relationships based off her complete transparency, attention to detail and direct approach.

Michaela prides herself in giving Expert advice along with tactical strategic negotiation skills to ensure her clients get the best deals’. Michaela is a very logical and analytical person who puts great emphasis on facts and figures.

This has enabled her to become a “go to” Luxury Property Consultant in Dubai Real Estate Market.

Maintaining a Premium Reputation is mirrored by a superior service, close communication and consistent professionalism. Her main objective is to deliver the highest quality of service, offering her Clients complete privacy, trust and confidentiality throughout the process.

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