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Romeissa Boudechiche

Senior Property Consultant at Xperience Realty Real Estate

    Language: English, Arabic & French

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Most people who live through a plane crash find it very difficult to even bear the thought of ever climbing a titanium tube only to hurtle through the skies at 500 miles per hour, at 35 feet above the earth. Then there are those hardy souls who feel that getting back on the horse is the best way to approach life. I couldn’t find any quote that could describe me better than this, A stubborn, tenacious, persistent real estate agent with over 6 years experience in real estate, my business is mainly based on trust, transparency, and communication. I help my clients to make smart decisions by amplifying their portfolios and achieving great returns or to find a house that they can call home. so Whether you are searching for a home or a smart investment opportunity , I am here to make your journey a successful one .

About Romeissa Boudechiche

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