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Al Wasl Properties and their developments 

al wasl properties


Al Wasl Properties

In the vibrant world of Dubai’s real estate, Wasl Asset Management Group shines as a true star. With their decades of experience, they have become one of Dubai’s biggest and most trusted real estate companies. Let’s dive into their fantastic projects and discover why Al Wasl properties are a cut above the rest. 



Project Highlights: 

 Here’s a closer look at some of Al Wasl Property’s remarkable projects: 

Nad Al Hammar Gardens 

This place is a mix of different things. It’s like a little town with homes and shops.Due to its proximity to a major road, it is also quite simple to get around. Plus It’s all about promoting a pleasant and green community. There are even places like schools and shops right there.   

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Highlights  Details 
Project Type  Mixed-use freehold community 
Location  Conveniently located facing Mohammed bin Zayed Rd 
Community Focus  Emphasis on green spaces and community features 
Amenities  Includes mosques, schools, and retail areas 
Connectivity  Excellent access via Mohammed bin Zayed Rd 

Wasl1 & Park Gate Residences 

 These are like modern art in the city. They’re stylish homes with a view of a big park. You can have peace in the park or jump into the city buzz whenever you want. And guess what? It’s easy to catch a train from here. 

Highlights  Details 
Project Type  Iconic parkside freehold master development 
Location  Serene setting adjacent to Zabeel Park 
Urban Accessibility  Easy pedestrian access to metro station 
Convenience  Direct access to city center locations 


Park Gate Residences 

Imagine living in tall buildings that look over a beautiful park. These apartments are not just comfy but also look fancy with cool materials like wood and marble. You’ll feel like you’re in an art gallery. 

Highlights  Details 
Apartment Types  1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, podium townhouses 
Design Aesthetics  Elegant wood, brushed stainless steel, marble 
Stunning Views  Offers breathtaking views of Zabeel Park 

Wasl Gate 

This is like a magic place that has everything. You can live, work, eat, shop, and more! There’s even a mall with IKEA and ACE, two famous stores. It’s right on a major road, so you can go anywhere easily. 

Highlights  Details 
Versatility  A multi-purpose master development 
Variety  Offers apartments, townhouses, dining, retail 
Location Advantage  Immediate access to Energy Metro Station 

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The Nook 

This is like giving Jebel Ali a makeover.A beautiful park is nearby, it’s on a major road, and it’s close to a railway station. A fantastic pool, a high-end gym, and entertaining areas for kids to play are also available. 

Highlights  Details 
Location  Positioned on Sheikh Zayed Road 
Community Features  Beautifully landscaped community 
Recreation  World-class swimming pool and gymnasium 

Gardenia Townhomes II 

These are spacious homes with 3 or 4 bedrooms. They’re all about luxury and living comfortably. There’s even a pool and a clubhouse with a gym and play area. Oh, and if you have a pet, they’ll love it here! 

Highlights  Details 
Townhome Types  Spacious 3 and 4-bedroom townhomes 
Lifestyle  Contemporary architecture and premium amenities 
Pet-Friendly  Includes adjacent pet park 

 Why Al Wasl Properties Stand Out: 

Al Wasl properties are more than just buildings; they are the foundation for thriving communities. Here’s why they are exceptional: 

Quality: Every Al Wasl properties is built with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials, ensuring residents enjoy the highest quality living. 

Convenience: Wasl projects are strategically located with easy access to transportation, schools, and essential amenities, making life more convenient for residents. 

Innovation: Wasl embraces modern designs and green spaces, promoting a sustainable and innovative approach in all their projects.  

Community: Wasl developments foster a sense of community, with communal areas, parks, and facilities that bring people together. 

 In a Nutshell: 

Wasl Asset Management Group is like the guiding star in Dubai’s real estate galaxy. Their projects are not just buildings; they are homes where people find happiness and communities thrive. When you think of Dubai real estate, think Wasl – they’ve got it all covered! 


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