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Top 5 Real Estate Apps in Dubai

Buy Property in Dubai

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Best Real Estate Apps in Dubai

Entering and having a hike in the real estate market can be confusing and overwhelming. Recognizing this, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of top-notch real estate apps in Dubai with the aim of simplifying your experience. Whether you’re in search of a new home, seeking efficient tools for managing listings as a realtor, or even streamlining bill payments, you’ll find a multitude of realtor and home search apps tailored to enhance your convenience.

best real estate apps


PropTube is the world’s first real estate video streaming platform that provides real-time insights. It was created by Xperience Realty Real Estate LLC with the goal of making real estate information more clear and reliable for users. Real estate can be confusing, but when you have questions or need help with property buying, you usually search online for information, right? However, finding the exact answers can be challenging. That’s where PropTube comes in. It offers authentic, professional content hosted by experts certified by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency). Before buying a property, it’s essential to understand the economy, the property’s nature, and the process involved. In Proptube the content you search for is readily available and in case of further assistance, you can directly deal with the industry experts here. The data you gain both directly and virtually will be the ones rooted in vast experience and industry knowledge.

PropTube’s smart algorithm tailors your content feed to match your preferences, ensuring you receive the most relevant updates and property recommendations. Also, it will keep you updated with custom alerts for new listings, price changes, or market shifts.

Download the app on Android and iOS

Key Features

  • Real-time market updates
  • Search filtering option
  • Everything on real estate
  • Contents from the certified experts
  • Deal directly with RERA-certified agents
  • All time data
  • Real Estate facts and figures from reliable source
  • Virtual property tour

Dubai REST

Imagine being able to handle all your real estate transactions from the comfort of your home. Well, that’s exactly what Dubai REST (Real Estate Self Transaction) allows you to do. Created by the Dubai Land Department (DLD), this app provides a comprehensive set of online services, enabling you to manage transactions in real time. It benefits everyone involved in the UAE real estate market. Plus, the app saves time by eliminating paperwork and offers accurate data on pricing trends. With its user-friendly interface and support for multiple languages, it’s becoming the top choice for UAE residents who want to efficiently manage their property dealings.

Key Features

  • Allows users to buy, sell, lease, mortgage, and list properties
  • Provides information about real estate brokers, real estate offices, valuation companies, consultancy companies, management companies, and developers
  • Enables owners and tenants to register, renew, and cancel Ejari contracts
  • Offers owners information about their properties such as current price, ROI, and service charges
  • Enables electronic payment through the Noqodi portal
  • Allows tenants and owners to file rental disputes and follow up on them
  • Provides market information including the rental index and sale index in Dubai
  • Offers English and Arabic support for iOS and Android

Property Finder

PropTube is an essential real estate app made just to simplify the process of renting and buying properties. It offers a wide range of options such as apartments, villas, townhouses, land, and floors across the UAE. With detailed listing and pricing information, the Property Finder real estate app provides relevant details to make a well-informed decision.

Additionally, the app creates opportunities to communicate with real estate agents directly and lets you save your favorite properties for easy reference. The Saved Searches feature supports finding similar properties that match your requirements. Overall, Property Finder stands out as one of the top real estate apps in the UAE, assisting you in finding your desired home. If you are thinking of renting or investing in Dubai or any emirates in the UAE, Property Finder provides valuable backing. Also, it is available in languages like English and Arabic in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia for both iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • A comprehensive selection of property types
  • Detailed property listings with price trends
  • Numerous filters by price, location, size, amenities and more
  • Instant contact with real estate agents through the app
  • Option to save favorite properties
  • Recommendations for similar properties

Download the app on Android and iOS


Makani, developed by Dubai Municipality, is a distinctive app that assigns a 10-digit number to help you locate the precise entrance of a building. This serves as the official geographic system in Dubai, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. The Makani real estate app simplifies the process of finding a location by providing a unique 10-digit number, eliminating the need for codes, names, or directions. Whether on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, this app enables you to navigate effortlessly to the exact entrance of your desired destination.

Key Features

  • Gives full details of a place with a street-level imagery view
  • Features voice search that is compatible with QR codes
  • Includes quick and precise location search using Makani number
  • Provides real-time traffic status and updates
  • Allows you to link a Makani number with mobile contacts for direct access and search

Ultimately, Makani is a great tool as it makes it easier to find places by saving time on searching or memorizing complicated directions. Whether you are a tourist exploring new destinations or just trying to locate a new address, Makani is the ideal app that helps you find what you’re looking for easily!


While not exclusively a real estate app, DubaiNow stands out as the inaugural government application providing access to more than 115 governmental and private sector services. Within the app, you can conveniently settle various bills, including DEWA and Empower, and address your housing needs such as signing tenancy contracts and activating Ejari. Additionally, DubaiNow facilitates the management of driving requirements, residency documents, educational and police documents, and a variety of other services.

Key Features

  • Bill payments
  • DEWA
  • Du
  • Etisalat
  • FEWA
  • Empower
  • Dubai Municipality fees and bills
  • Driving management
  • Pay fines and parking
  • Renew car registration
  • Top-up Salik
  • Buy or renew car insurance
  • Manage your Housing
  • Set up your DEWA account and pay your bills
  • Sign tenancy contracts and get Ejari
  • View and manage your owned and rental properties
  • Activate internet and TV connections
  • Manage Residency Documents
  • Get, renew, or cancel visa sponsorships.
  • View dependents’ entry permits and residency visa requests
  • Receive travel reports from GDRFA.

It doesn’t end here as DubaiNow is a holistic platform that provides you with all the key services you need while living in the city.


What is the best app to buy real estate in Dubai?

Proptube is one of the leading real estate apps in Dubai. The user-friendly app is easy to use, and searching for a new home is convenient for everyone. The app boasts all property-related information whether you are planning to buy or rent a property in Dubai.

Which app provides the best tools for foreigners wanting to buy property in Dubai?

Property Finder is highly recommended for its comprehensive services tailored to foreigners.

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