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Buy Houses in Dubai: 11 Good Reasons why

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Buy houses in Dubai: Why is it a smart move?

If you are considering to buy houses in Dubai, it is important for you to have a proper knowledge about this big yet rewarding city. Being well equipped about your investment in Dubai properties can definitely bring more confidence in you and can lead you to take the most informed decision. So, please continue reading to know how Dubai can offer you the best potential returns than any other cities world wide.

Buy Houses in Dubai

Strategic Location

Dubai’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa greatly helps to enhance the emirates appeal for increased real estate investment and business activities. With 80% of the global population reachable within a single flight, Dubai is effectively bringing the whole world closer to it. Holding 120 shipping lines and connections to over 130 countries through 85 airlines, Dubai stands as a pivotal hub facilitating access to the vast USD 14.5 trillion global market, particularly as trade flows increasingly shift towards the East.

Tax-Free Environment

Dubai is a metropolis city that doesn’t impose personal income tax. This was emphasized by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai stated that the country would never implement income tax to address deficits. Therefore, individuals earning income in Dubai normally will never have to face income tax obligations. But in some scenarios you’ll have to pay a particular amount of tax. For instance; if you live in a country that is outside of Dubai. But if you are working and earning money in Dubai, unfortunately you might have to pay taxes in your home country. But, if you have permanently moved to Dubai and have already been a resident here or are no longer considered as a tax resident in your home country then your salary is totally free of tax.

High Rental Yields

Dubai real estate investments offer high rental yields, with figures up to 8% annually, significantly higher than many other global cities like New York City, Hong Kong, and London. The recent reports highlight 2023 as the ‘Year of Affordable Villas’, with Dubai residents renting standalone homes in greater numbers. Affordable villa rentals increased by 16.64%, with DAMAC Hills 2 emerging as the most popular affordable area for villa rentals. Other areas like Mirdif, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Dubailand also maintained a steady popularity. Meanwhile, Al Barsha remained popular with those wanting larger, private spaces, followed by Jumeirah and the Dubai Hills Estate. Dubai also witnessed some of the most significant rent increases in recent years, with areas like Dubailand and Al Barsha seeing the biggest spikes (42.54% and 31.08% respectively). JVC saw a rise of 32% in the average year rent for apartments, and Damac Hills experienced a substantial increase of 66.67% in annual rental prices.

Safety and Security

In Dubai you can find the most safe and secure environment. Dubai has been strongly focusing on safety and security standards by upgrading the overall lifestyle quality, and makes significant investments in the tourism sector. With the implementation of various policy changes, including the expansion of the long-term golden visa scheme, the introduction of the green visa, retirement visa, investor visa, and education visa, along with hosting Expo 2020, this government has displayed effective management during the pandemic. The UAE government has established a proven track record of honest governance, encouraging a crime-free cosmopolitan city that promotes inclusivity without any traces of racism.

Buy houses in Dubai as Freehold Ownership for Non-UAE Nationals

The availability of the freehold ownership in designated areas allows all the foreign investors to have full rights to own, lease, sell, or inherit properties. Buying a freehold apartment or villa in Dubai means you are having the property ownership by including ownership of the land upon which the property is constructed. The Dubai Land Department officially registers the freehold buyer as the ‘Landowner’ in the registry and will issue a title deed for the property. With rights over both the construction and the land, one has the freedom to renovate and make structural changes according to that person’s personal preferences. Freehold property ownership in the UAE, especially in Dubai is primarily available to expatriates and foreign nationals residing abroad. They can purchase ready or off-plan properties on a freehold basis in specific designated zones.

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Population Growth

Dubai as an attractive magnet holds one of the world’s fastest growing population rates, with an estimated increase of 10.7% annually. This increase in the population is reaching Dubai to buy houses in Dubai and this is the factor that drives the demand for residential and commercial properties in Dubai. The population growth has achieved something big in 2023 with a great 100K increase. From the research it is clear that the population reached 3.65 million in December when compared to 3.55 million in January. The city’s proactive response to the pandemic and its ability to attract new residents seeking job opportunities or investments have contributed to this growth in a great manner.

Investor-Friendly Policies

The introduction of long-term residency visas is the prime fact that maintains stability and increases confidence to foreign the investors. Dubai’s friendly investment policies for foreign investors has really helped in simplifying the investment sector by enabling them to navigate the local real estate market with ease. In a ground-breaking move, the government has allowed foreigners to own land in specific designated areas, offering a higher level of security and control, which enhances the appeal of property investments. Transparency has been a key focus, demonstrated by the comprehensive and reliable property registration system operated by the Dubai Land Department. To attract foreign investment, Dubai has established free zones and economic clusters that offer attractive incentives and benefits.

Booming Tourism Industry

Dubai is a popular and favorable destination for tourists on a global scale. Because of its amazing architecture and major attractions, Dubai is still among the most popular destinations for people to view and visit. A number of people visit Dubai and this in fact is helping the sector of Dubai real estate because all the individuals who visit this metropolis city will be in need of a place to stay and so as a reason, the demand for short-term rentals and investment properties increases. Now it has been registered that for Dubai real estate 2023 was a great performing year, So, in terms of Dubai tourism, this year saw more tourists than ever before by experiencing over 17 million footfall in Dubai overnight. The record 105 million visitors of Dubai Mall is true evidence for the booming tourism industry of Dubai.

Types of Investment Options

Investment options in Dubai offer you a variety of choices. The types include; apartment, villas, townhouses, and more. Another benefit is that you can choose these options as off plan properties or even as ready-to-move-in properties. According to DXB Interact and the Dubai Land Department, apartments are the most popular segment in the local real estate market. In the Q4 of 2023, 25,971 apartments were sold, followed by villas and commercial properties. Regarding property prices, off-plan apartments lead with an average of AED 1,814 per sq ft. Ready apartments follow at AED 1,197, then off-plan villas at AED 1,146. The performance of your investment also depends on the property location. In the year of 2023, the top-performing areas on the basis of value were Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah. By volume, the top 5 will be Jumeirah Village Circle, Al Merkadh, Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Dubai Hills Estates. 

Resilient Market and Fair Valuation

Be it Covid, wars or financial crises – when other countries go through difficult times, Dubai serves as a haven for investment and continues to offer safety and luxury. The current level of global inflation is yet another case that exemplifies the emirate’s resilience, and this fact will continue to drive an inflow of investment. Seen in this light, global inflation is an opportunity for the UAE rather than a problem. After experiencing fluctuations, Dubai’s real estate market has shown resilience with a notable rebound and fair valuation, as indicated by a 10% nominal price growth between mid-2021 and mid-2022 and a UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index score of 0.16 in 2022, suggesting stable long-term investment opportunities without speculative bubbles.

Innovative and Sustainable Development

Green houses have had a huge influence on the Dubai real estate market in recent years. As environmental awareness and sustainability concerns rise, so does the demand for green homes in Dubai among investors and purchasers. The government’s action to promote the sustainable development and green construction practices have also helped in the expansion of Dubai’s green housing industry. Green houses’ increasing popularity in Dubai has raised property values and rental returns by making them an appealing investment possibility for property developers and investors. Dubai’s commitment to iconic architecture and sustainable community projects offers unique and prestigious investment options that align with global trends towards environmental responsibility.


Can a foreigner buy a house in Dubai?

Yes, foreigners can purchase property in designated areas for foreign ownership in Dubai, like the Dubai Hills Estate. 

Will I get golden visa if I buy a house in Dubai?

Now, investors can qualify for the golden visa if the property’s value is Dh2 million or more.

Is it advisable to buy a house in Dubai?

Yes, this can be a favorable opportunity for those seeking potentially lucrative returns and a luxurious lifestyle.

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