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How Dubai Malls Impact Nearby Properties?

Mall Impact Nearby Properties in Dubai Real Estate

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Dubai Malls Impact on Dubai Real Estate

People are generally the ones who would love shopping. Dubai as a visionary metropolis city has everything to offer. The great thing about the city is that you can buy anything you like. It’s a shopper’s paradise and it is on top with every type of store you can imagine, because Dubai has everything to make your day enjoyable at the best.

Once again Yes…! Dubai has got huge stunning malls with everything under the sun. Despite the massive shopping that these malls offer, we are going to focus on the Dubai Malls impact on Dubai Real Estate.

So, while pointing back to Major Dubai malls there is something more than the shopping experience that they offer to Dubai. They play a strong role in contributing to the demand for properties in close proximity that result in an increased demand and huge price appreciation. Also acts as an agent that invites more visitors to visit this beautiful yet rewarding city to make people experience how Dubai as a home town can treat you like a home away from home.

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Overview of Dubai Malls

Let’s begin with the major Malls in Dubai and slowly turn around how Dubai Malls impact Dubai Real Estate. Talking about the Malls it is obvious that the role of Dubai Mall and Dubai Hills Mall is immense. So, have a look at the offerings that the major malls in Dubai put forward;

Dubai Mall

This is the biggest and the most attractive mall by Emaar that has experienced a great number of footfalls by being home to the iconic Burj Khalifa. To make it detailed; it provides an amazing yet satisfying shopping experience, leisure, and entertainment space in the center of Downtown which is the epicenter of Dubai. It is home to more than 1200 stores including the worldwide renowned brands. Additionally, you can get options from fast food to fine dining, you’ll definitely find it all at Dubai Mall. What are the activities offered in Dubai Mall? Actually, you should ask what isn’t there to do in Dubai Mall. From Dubai Aquarium to Underwater Zoo and KidZania to Reel Cinema, the Olympic size Dubai Ice Rink, and its very own Chinatown, you could spend all weekend there.

Dubai Outlet Mall

This is the only shopping center we can think of in the city that sets discounts as its core value and competes on price rather than Ski Slopes or aquarium availability. It is a value option, so you might not find what you want on every visit, but you will get much more attractive things on a reasonable deal. Here you can often find branded goods at anywhere between 30 to 90% off the recommended retail price, so we’re talking about money savings.

Dubai Hills Mall

This is one of the largest malls in Dubai by Emaar. It is safe to say that no matter what interests you, you’ll be able to find something to do, see or eat at Dubai Hills Mall. Even if you’re just strolling around the shops, you’ll end up spending hours at the mall as there are almost 600 retail spaces in Dubai Hills Mall. This mall also puts forward a variety of dining options. The activities here include Roxy Cinema where you can watch recent Hollywood blockbusters in luxury, or spend hours at the dedicated adventure park. Not to mention, it is also home to the region’s fastest indoor roller coaster too.

How Dubai Malls Impact Dubai Real Estate?

Having a brief idea of what these malls contribute to increasing Dubai City’s attraction, let’s have a look at how Dubai malls impact Dubai real estate.

In Dubai, shopping malls are more than just shopping places because they are the powerful drivers that boost the value of the properties in their closeby areas. Dubai, a city known for its luxury shopping experiences, holds iconic malls that include Dubai Hills Mall, The Dubai Mall, Outlet Mall, and more which have a significant influence on the surrounding properties. Let’s go deeper and find how these malls are shaping the real estate sector in Dubai.

Tourism Hub:

Dubai Malls stands as a tourism epicenter that draws in millions of visitors year after year. This massive arrival of tourists boosts the demand for nearby properties. This can create an increase in demand for accommodations by benefiting both hotels and short-term rental properties like Airbnb listings. As the closeby properties provide convenience for the visitors to stay, it is also experiencing massive growth.

Commercial Spaces:

The mall’s proximity to the central business districts and iconic landmarks makes it attractive for businesses. So as a reason, it increases the demand for commercial real estate by including office spaces. The convenience of having your office close to a world-class shopping destination is a compelling proposition for many businesses.

Residential Appeal:

Living near the Malls of Dubai has its own beauty and value. High-end residential properties in the areas closer to these malls became highly demanding. When a particular property provides a walking distance to satisfying shopping, fine dining options, and entertainment, the finger points out to the best lifestyle choice.

Luxury Shopping:

Dubai Malls, on the other hand, cater to a more upscale and luxury shopping experience. As a result, the mall drives demand for premium residential properties in these areas. People with high disposable incomes seek to live in close proximity to luxury shopping.

Community Appeal:

Malls which are part of a larger community planning, promotes more integrated and family-friendly living experience. Families and individuals looking for a holistic lifestyle choose to reside in areas like these.

Impact on Nearby Properties:

The presence of these malls significantly affects nearby properties in several ways:

Property Values:

These malls in Dubai can increase the value of nearby properties due to the convenience and amenities they offer. The demand for homes and offices in these areas is driven by the vibrant surroundings.

Commercial Spaces:

The presence of continuously evolving businesses near these Dubai malls can drive demand for residential properties as employees seek convenient housing options. This relationship strengthens the overall real estate market in close proximity.

Economic Factors:

It’s important to note that while malls play an important role, economic conditions, market trends, and overall desirability of the area also influence property prices and rental rates.

Dubai Mall Visitors Count in 2023

As these areas act as a magnet for visitors, it is obvious that those people can get influence to purchase property from here by seeing the number of potential that this particular city offers. To make it more detailed, let’s take a look at the data of 2023; Dubai Mall which embraces the remarkable Burj Khalifa has become the most visited place in Dubai with a record 105 million visitors in the previous year. It can be said that the presence of Burj khalifa is playing a major role in bringing an increase in the footfall. To make this data even stronger, the new figures that has been released by the mall recently has shown a massive 20 million footfall at the mall in the first two months of this year alone, with 2024 set to be another record year.

Future of Dubai Tourism

Dubai’s tourism industry is expected to experience significant growth in the future. Mainly this growth will be driven by the ongoing developments of the city. A notable contributor to this growth can be considered as Dubai South which is strategically located near the Al Maktoum International Airport, also known as Dubai World Central. This project includes a variety of properties like; residential, commercial, and leisure spaces such as hotels and theme parks. It also plays an important role in shaping the city’s expansion and attractiveness to visitors. More than anything else they are implementing new infrastructure by strengthening all the rewarding possibilities in this area. The project is expected to be completed by 2030 and generate over $136.1 billion which is equivalent to AED 500 billion in economic activity. As the area grows with the support of the government with an expected GDP of 35% from this area alone, there will definitely come up with attractive spots. Also as the government aims to turn the city into a 20 minute smart city, these areas are going to have more malls and other attractive features by being an element that boosts the demand for the nearby properties.


Dubai Malls are actually serving more than as shopping destinations, but they are important players in the real estate market. They shape the demand, property values, and lifestyle in the areas around them. Investors and buyers should consider these factors in their decision making process by recognizing that a mall’s presence close to any properties can significantly enhance the value.


How many shops are there in the Dubai outlet mall?

More than 1,200 premium international brands are available across 240 stores, all loaded with discounts ranging between 30% to 90%. If you are among the million who would love shopping at an affordable price, this is the top choice to visit.

How many restaurants are in the Dubai mall?

In Dubai Mall there are over 200 restaurants and these vast options make it difficult to decide where you can enjoy a delectable feast after a big day of shopping. Some of the restaurants also offer the beautiful views of the top attraction of Dubai- Burj Khalifa’s closer view. 

Who’s the developer of the aquarium in Dubai mall?

As usual the most wonderful creation which is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is one of the world’s largest aquariums by Emaar Properties. Here also Emaar have showcased their best to entertain the people in Dubai and the valuable visitors.

Which are the best restaurants at Dubai mall with the fountain view?

The top-rated Dubai Mall restaurants with fountain views are;

  1. Hurricane’s Grill
  2. Zouzou
  3. Open Flame Kitchen (OFK)
  4. Tribes
  5. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes Dubai Mall
  6. Karma Kafe
  7. Abd el Wahab
  8. Time Out Market
  9. Armani/Mediterraneo
  10. Thiptara at Palace Downtown
  11. Asado at Palace Downtown
  12. Neos (The Restaurant at The Address Hotel Downtown)
  13. Social House
  14. Bosporus Turkish Cuisine – The Dubai Mall
  15. Jovee – Japanese & European Restaurant
What to buy at the outlet mall in Dubai?

This is one of the best places in the city to find always-on deals from both designer and high-street labels – like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Coach and Nine West – at dedicated outlets. From shoes and jewelry to accessories and clothing, men and women can fulfill their entire fashion Wishlist while here. Dining options include a range of food courts and restaurants, with over 20 selections including French Bakery and Piero Pizza & Pasta.

Is the Dubai aquarium in Dubai mall free?

No, but children under 2 years of age can enter free of charge. Adults & Children 2 years and above AED 199.00 each. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (15+ years old) Tickets must be used on the date selected.

How many screens are there in reel cinema Dubai Mall?

With 26 screens, you can enjoy a feast for movie-goers, with the support of mind-blowing technology, incredible audio, and the unique dine-in cinema experience.

What is the size of the aquarium in Dubai Mall?

The size of Dubai Aquarium is generally huge, which is making it the world’s largest indoor aquarium. It has an impressive 10 million liters of water that features a wide variety of species in it. If you visit here, it typically takes around 15 to 30 minutes to explore all the excitement.

What fish are in the Dubai mall aquarium?

Fish in the tank include tropical species such as napoleon wrasse, batfish, big-eye trevally, clownfish, faint grouper, giant trevally, moray eels, snappers, and unicornfish.

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