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EMAAR Shares Push Dubai Stock to 2015 High as Economic Outlook Lifts Mood

Dubai Stock Market

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Dubai’s main stock index experienced a remarkable surge, reaching its highest level since August 2015, supported by a significant boost in property-related shares. The Dubai Financial Market General Index outperformed emerging-market stocks, climbing 2.3% after a four-day break. Key contributors to this rally were Emaar Properties PJSC, Emaar Development PJSC, and Emirates NBD Bank PJSC. The real estate sector, which makes up more than a third of Dubai’s consumer price index, has played a vital role in the city’s economic growth. With Dubai emerging as an investment haven and a popular tourist destination, its economy is projected to grow steadily in the coming years.

dubai stock market

Dubai's Resilient Real Estate Market

Despite global trends of falling real estate prices and surging interest rates, Dubai’s real estate market has shown remarkable resilience. S&P Global Ratings recently upgraded Emaar Properties, one of Dubai’s leading developers, attributing the upgrade to “strong demand and improved pricing” in the sector. This positive outlook has contributed to the surge in the Dubai stock market. The city’s real estate sector has been a key driver of economic growth, attracting investments and supporting various other industries.

Dubai's Economic Growth

Dubai’s economy has emerged from the global pandemic as a safe investment haven and a magnet for wealth and tourism. The city’s economic outlook remains positive, with S&P Global Ratings predicting a growth rate of 3% for the current year, following estimated growth of 5% in 2022 and 6.2% in the previous year. The economy’s steady growth can be attributed to various factors, including ongoing infrastructure development projects, increased foreign direct investment, and successful diversification efforts.

Emaar Properties and Emaar Development

Emaar Properties and its subsidiary Emaar Development significantly drove the Dubai stock market to its 2015 high. Emaar Properties is renowned for developing iconic structures like the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, symbolizing Dubai’s progress and prosperity. The reinstatement of dividends and positive real estate data has further bolstered Emaar Development’s performance. These companies have benefited from strong momentum in the real estate market and have capitalized on the reinstatement of demand and improved pricing.


Dubai’s stock market has experienced a remarkable surge, reaching its highest level since 2015, driven by a jump in property-related shares, particularly those of Emaar Properties, Emaar Development, and Emirates NBD Bank. The city’s real estate sector, a crucial component of Dubai’s economy, has defied the global trend of falling prices, showcasing resilience and attracting investors. Dubai’s economic outlook remains positive, with steady growth expected in the coming years, supported by infrastructure development, diversification efforts, and increased foreign direct investment. As Dubai continues to emerge as an investment haven and a premier tourist destination, its robust real estate market and overall economic performance are set to fuel further growth and prosperity.


Can you invest in stock market in Dubai?

You can easily trade securities on DFM and Nasdaq Dubai to buy and sell on the same trading platform with the same Investor Number (NIN). 

What is the Dubai stock market called?

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is committed to providing investors and market participants with innovative products and services to conduct trading, clearing, settlement and depository of securities, in an efficient, transparent and liquid environment.

Who is the biggest investor in Dubai?

Indians have consistently been at the forefront of Dubai’s property market.

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