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Is It Time for Dubai Tenants to Consider Homeownership?

Dubai Tenants

Is It Time for Dubai Tenants to Consider Homeownership?

With rising rents in Dubai, many tenants are considering the transition from renting to owning their own homes. The surge in rental costs has made homeownership increasingly appealing.

Why Dubai Tenants Are Considering Homeownership:

  • Rising Rents: Dubai tenants are facing continually increasing rental costs, making the prospect of owning a home more attractive.
  • Market Conditions: The current real estate market conditions encourage tenants to consider buying property as a way to combat rising rents.
  • FAB Advertisement: A recent FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank) advertisement stating that only landlords are enjoying themselves has resonated with aspiring homeowners.

UAE Mortgage Trends:

  • In the year-to-date, the UAE has seen a surge in mortgage applications, indicating a growing trend of tenants becoming homeowners.
  • Predicted Rush: Bankers predict an upcoming rush of end-user purchases in the second half of 2023.
  • Developer Incentives: Developers are offering attractively priced homes with incentives on payment plans and registration fees to attract buyers.

The Appeal of Off-Plan Homes:

  • Off-Plan Sales: Off-plan properties account for 60% of recent sales in Dubai, with developments like Emaar’s ‘The Oasis’ generating excitement.
  • Mid-Range Communities: Abu Dhabi’s Aldar is set to introduce three communities in Dubai with mid- to upper-midrange pricing, appealing to end-users.

Pricing Trends:

  • Majority in the Middle: Most transactions in Dubai occur in the middle pricing range, with ready homes being purchased at or around Dh1200 per square foot.
  • Exceptional Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah stands out in the villa market, with properties there impacting overall pricing figures.
  • Off-Plan Developments: Nakheel is working on the ‘Como Residences’ project, and the next significant sales launch is expected to be the Armani project on the Palm.

Off-Plan vs. Ready Homes:

  • Rising Off-Plan Costs: Off-plan property launches now cost more than ready homes, even in mid-market areas.
  • Tier 2 Areas: New development projects in Tier 2 areas have high average per square foot values compared to existing residential supply.
  • Price Appreciation: With many new developments on the horizon, the off-plan segment may continue to drive price appreciation.

Options for End Users:

  • Ready/Secondary Market: End users can explore the ready/secondary market for available properties, though inventory may already have new buyers.
  • Negotiating with Developers: Developers may be open to negotiations, and tenants can consider rent-to-own agreements for homes nearing completion.

Dubai tenants are faced with the challenge of rising rents, and the prospect of homeownership has become increasingly appealing. With a growing trend of tenants becoming homeowners, the market conditions and developer incentives make this transition more feasible. It’s a pivotal time for Dubai residents to consider the advantages of owning their own homes and securing their housing future in a market where rent increases are likely here to stay.

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