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Dubai Island By Nakheel: A Visionary Development

dubai islands

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Introduction of Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands also known as Deira Islands, is a visionary development that promises to be a paradise of luxury living in the heart of Dubai. Situated on the Northern Side of Dubai, this project marks the starting point of the city’s remarkable journey. Brought to you by Nakheel, the mastermind behind iconic projects like Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Islands aims to be a dream project that seamlessly blends nature, water, modern infrastructure, and opulence to create a lower-density hospitality and residential community spread across five islands.

dubai islands

Island A: The Grand Entrance

Island A, the grand entrance to the community, covers a staggering 1862 hectares and is designed as a mixed-use island. Its focal point will be a central mall, surrounded by waterfront commercial and business areas, marinas, high-end residential options, and a district dedicated to art and culture. This dynamic mix of offerings will cater to a diverse range of residents, making Island A a vibrant and sought-after destination.

Island B: Beach Resorts and Waterfront Living

Expanding across 353 hectares, Island B offers three distinct concepts:

  1. Beach Resorts and Community: Centered around luxurious beachside living, providing residents with an exclusive coastal experience.
  2. Waterfront Resorts: In collaboration with renowned hospitality brands, ensuring residents and visitors alike enjoy the best of island living.
  3. Channel Island Living Community: Showcasing apartments with mesmerizing water views and glimpses of Dubai’s rich cultural heritage.

Island C: Family-Centric Haven

The family-centric haven, Island C, spans an impressive 774 hectares and epitomizes high-end family living. Residents here will enjoy a plethora of family-friendly amenities, including:

  • Family Resort
  • Family Resort Village Core
  • Oasis Park
  • Marina Village
  • Eco Hotel

Highlight: Waterfront Golf Course Community featuring an 18-hole championship golf course, along with luxurious villas and mansions.

Island D: Golf and Sports Community

Covering 156 hectares, Island D boasts another Golf Course Community, comprising two major districts:

  • Golf and Sports Country Club Residential District: Featuring an integrated Sports Club, aquatic center, and upscale residential villas.
  • Boutique Marina Village: Offering a mix of retail, dining, entertainment options, apartments, and a boutique hotel, ensuring a vibrant and lively atmosphere for its residents.

Island E: Epitome of Luxury Living

Despite being the smallest island, Island E will be an epitome of luxury living. This island district will host luxurious waterfront villas with private marinas and marina clubs, providing residents with an unparalleled luxury experience.

Investment Opportunity

Dubai Islands not only promise exceptional living spaces but also present an unprecedented investment opportunity. Despite concerns about oversupply, Dubai’s real estate market remains resilient and highly sought after, with projects sold out until 2027. Dubai Islands’ unique blend of amenities, strategic location near key areas like Port Rashid, the airport, and downtown, and alignment with the government’s Vision 2040 and economic agenda make it a highly promising investment option.

Strategic Location and Future Prospects

The development’s proximity to cultural heritage sites and entertainment hubs ensures that residents will enjoy the best of both worlds. Moreover, the developers, Nakheel and Emaar, have priced these projects affordably, offering the potential for substantial returns on investment. Dubai Islands is poised to rejuvenate the Northern Core areas of Dubai, transforming the entire area into a new investment epicenter. As the area warms up and aligns with the government’s vision, prices are expected to soar, making this the ideal time for investors and homeowners to secure their place in this dazzling city of gold.


With stunning visuals and renders of Rixos branded villas and apartments, Dubai Islands promises an extraordinary living experience, surpassing expectations and delivering unparalleled luxury to its residents. Embrace the vision, experience the luxury, and secure your place in the awe-inspiring Dubai Islands.


Who is the owner of Nakheel Dubai?

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

What are the plans for the Dubai Islands?

Dubai Islands will increase the length of beaches and areas dedicated to public parks.

What is Nakheel Dubai Islands master plan?

The life is over 21 km long beach promenade with spacious beachfront living and enriching views within this site.

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