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Emaar Awards 2024: Xperience Realty leading Among Top Brokers of Dubai

emaar awards

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The year 2024 has received Xperience Realty with the most astonishing announcement – Emaar’s Annual Broker Awards 2023. Honored as one of the top 10 within Emaar’s prestigious top 20, Xperience Realty extends gratitude towards Emaar’s strongest support and the dedicated efforts of the strongest team. Being among the top alliance partners of Emaar, Xperience Realty will continue to deliver the best of bestest in the moment and in the upcoming future.

Xperience Realty, as a leading real estate firm based in Dubai has secured a top hotspot in the prestigious Emaar awards honoring the top brokers of 2023 in Dubai. This marks the effort and true capability of the company that has been invested from the day one has now been honored with this esteemed Emaar awards by reaffirming its position as one of the top real estate agencies in Dubai.

emaar awards

The Ceremony of Emaar Awards

The ceremony was held on a beautiful evening at the luxurious Armani Hotel, where the Emaar’s top 20 elites in Dubai’s real estate sector shined together. The atmosphere was filled with thrill and excitement as the announcement rang out by revealing Xperience Realty as one of the top brokers. The whole surrounding of the iconic Burj Khalifa was drowning in applause, happiness, and admiration by creating a resounding acknowledgment of the firm’s dedication and victory in the competitive world of real estate. 

Proud Moment

As Emaar continues to be one of the most valued real estate developers in the region and the world, being Emaar’s alliance partner is recognised more than as an impactful endeavor. In a display of recognition, Xperience Realty’s outstanding accomplishments were showcased on the Burj Khalifa with the cheers around registering the moment of pride.

The Vision of the visionaries

The company’s CEO and Chairman of Xperience Realty are the main hands behind this pivotal recognition and are the ones that drive the company’s operational efficiency and strategic vision forward. In their Vision, only those who paved the way with learning and led the way with the power of knowledge are capable of guiding potential investors in the dynamic world of Dubai real estate. Also their aim is to take Xperience Realty beyond the boundaries of a traditional real estate agency by taking the investment in Dubai real estate to the next level.

Continuous Recognition

The award received during the “Emaar Annual Broker Awards 2023” ceremony held on February 28, 2024 in Dubai, underscores Xperience Realty’s commitment in delivering incomparable service that leads to the right properties among the multitude of choices in the Dubai real estate industry. Since its establishment a year back, Xperience Realty has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance, earning recognition not only in Emaar annual awards, but constantly in quarter awards as well.

Foresight Initiatives from XR

As the industry continues to evolve, Xperience Realty recognized the importance of adapting to the city’s changes and embracing new opportunities. For that, the company introduced Xperience Academy to empower the Xperience brokers by making them up to date with the flows and flaws of Dubai real estate industry. Also came up with the first real estate video streaming platform to make the individuals from investors to real estate giants to be on top to receive the most up to date real estate updates. 

Awards Achieved Over a Short Period

Over a short period of time Xperience Realty has left an indelible mark on the Dubai real estate sector, holding a trustworthy position among the clients so far. As a result, the consistency that the company maintained was rewarded with the Emaar Awards 2023 for the best broker of 2023. The company does not pursue sales for the sake of transactions alone. Its priority is to ensure optimal returns and capital appreciation for clients that approach.

Why among the top brokers in Emaar Awards 2023?

Xperience Realty is located in the green heart of Dubai – Dubai Hills Estate. Specializing in buying, selling, renting, and managing properties across Dubai, the company prides itself on its professional and personalized service. With a team of qualified and experienced agents, Xperience Realty offers bespoke client advisory services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client and are set to conquer many more heights in the sector of Dubai Real Estate.


Who are the top 10 brokers in the Emaar awards 2023?

Xperience Realty, Aeon & Trisl, AX Capital, S Y Capital Estate, Metropolitan Premium Properties, H&S Real Estate, Unique square House Real Estate, Scorpion Property, Unique Properties, Home 4 Life Real Estate.

Who were among the top 20 brokers in the Emaar awards 2023?

Home Square Real Estate, Provident Real Estate, REM, Hamptons International, Top Millions Real Estate, Signature Realty Homes, Driven properties, Raku Real Estate, Upstream Properties, D&B Properties.

Where was the venue of the Annual Emaar Awards 2023?

The ceremony was held at the luxurious Armani Hotel, where the Emaar’s top 20 elites in Dubai’s real estate sector shined together.

What makes Emaar Awards significant in the Dubai real estate sector?

The Aim of Emaar’s Annual Broker Awards 2023 was to honor the top brokerage firm in Dubai that has presented a great performance with great transactions in the year of 2023. This will help to encourage these top agencies to contribute more to the Dubai Real Estate sector.

How did Emaar announce the top brokers of Emaar awards 2023?

Name of the top brokerage firms with the rank was displayed on the iconic Burj Khalifa which gave the winners an extra layer of pride.

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