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Is Emaar South Investment in 2024 a Path to Future Prosperity?

Emaar South

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A rewarding golf course development in the southern region of Dubai, enriched by surrounding factors that adds substantial value to it. It is important to mention Dubai international Airport and Al Maktoum International airport when talking about any project’s location because Dubai’s living area is actually bounded by these airports. The next big thing that is going to take place in Dubai is the shift of Dubai in the next 5-7 years. Which means the future of Dubai is going to bring all its prominent plans to this side in a way that gives a shift to Dubai from DXB to DWC. So, in this blog we are going to discuss one of the popular projects by Emaar in the South of Dubai, which is Emaar South.

emaar south

Emaar South: Community Overview

Emaar South at Dubai South is going to be the future of Dubai. As its name suggests this community is positioned in the Southern part of Dubai perfectly away from the city’s vibrancy, which is a peaceful location with modern infrastructure. Emaar South was launched in the year of 2016 and is a city that spans around 145 sq kilometers. Offering a total of 22,700 residential properties and over 20 community parks, Emaar South is one of the highly demanding addresses in Dubai. This master development by Emaar Properties has around 10 residential complexes featuring a mix of apartments, villas and townhouses. Moreover, Emaar South is built around 53,000 sq. m. of retail space and an 18-hole championship golf course. Now what contributes more to the community is its closeness to Al Maktoum International Airport. 

Scope of Location

Talking about the scope of Dubai South, the fame and good name of the entire Dubai will be spread towards this area. The government has already invested around AED 2 billion here to make this area exclusive in the sector of Dubai Real Estate. And the government is expecting 35% of GDP from this area by the year of 2025. As the northern border of Dubai South area links with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and the southern border links with the Emirates Road, the South of Dubai actually holds a strategic location right now. So as a reason, this community is well connected with the rest of the city. To make it more detailed we can say that; in 30 min you can reach Abu Dhabi, and Jebel Ali port, 10 mins to Expo 2020 and just 7 minutes to Al Maktoum international Airport. This community is also closer to Jebel Ali free zone, DIP, DIC, Industrial area, and the port. As it is closer to these areas, this community is going to witness a rewarding future that will be favorable for the investors and buyers equally.

Future of Al Maktoum International Airport

Al Maktoum International Airport is positioned as the world’s largest airport, which is now emerging as a global hub in Dubai. Situated within an 8 hour flight radius for two-third of the world’s population, it will allow those individuals to reach Dubai and that too with a hassle free visa system. By holding a passenger capacity of 220 million annually, Dubai is well prepared for the next 15 to 20 years to accommodate a substantial arrival of travelers. Additionally, the airport ensures efficient air-to-sea connectivity within a 4-hour timeframe.

A Shift of Dubai to South of Dubai

The world trade center, exhibition center, and market attractions are shifting to the Dubai South area by setting itself as a true center of tomorrow. Between 2006 and 2023, the government has consistently focused on developing Al Maktoum International Airport in anticipation of a doubled population within a decade by addressing the potential traffic challenges. This concerted effort aims to ensure a thorough organization throughout the area, with Emaar South standing out as the premier community in this evolving sector. But even though by being in the center of all these possibilities this community is offering the lowest price per sq ft.

Demographics of Dubai South

In Dubai South, 25000 residents are already living, and this entire city is expected to accommodate 1 million people and create 500,000 jobs in a few years.


Emaar South is a community closer to the capital of UAE, Closer to Abu Dhabi Airport, closer to AL Maktoum International Airport, Closer to palm Jebel Ali, closer to Expo City, Closer to the entire industrial corridor, closer to the Logistics City.  And yes, Emaar South is the only community in this South area. It is also the only freehold community standing out with no other area around to compete.

Comparison on a Global Scale

Let’s have a comparison on the property price. In India if you want to buy a property in front of an Airport area, you won’t get anything there for the price that the Emaar South offers. In India to buy at least a 5000 sq ft builtup or plot you’ll have to spend 20 to 30 crore rupees, which is nearly 15 million in AED. So, just think, here in Dubai we’re talking about a property in one of the top 5 visited cities in the world, close to the world’s largest airport, a property with a port and airport in the same place, that is priced at AED 3.2 million. Not only in India but when compared to other top countries, Dubai is the only country that offers a higher range of projects with massive amenities at such an affordable price. Here Emaar South is a city within itself, an 18 hole golf championship community, a development by top developer Emaar. Once everything around this community is complete, you’ll see the prices soaring up. So, if you’re planning to invest in Dubai properties, choose to invest in the future of Dubai.

Role of Etihad Railway

The Etihad railway is next to Emaar South, it’s a project that is connecting all GCC countries with a rail network. This will also give you excellent connectivity to the entire region in a way that truly impacts the developments happening in Dubai.

Anticipated Appreciation

And in Dubai, Golf course communities have better price appreciation compared to other communities with 20-25% price appreciation seen in the properties situated around it.

Vision of Government in Dubai South

The Government of Dubai has already implemented the best ever ways to increase the number of tourists. As of the current count of tourists that arrive in Dubai per year, it stands around 14 million people. Now the government is making the whole of Dubai prepared to welcome over 20 million tourists by 2025 by envisioning Expo 2020 as a significant part of this strategy.


If the government itself is putting so much effort into this particular area, just think of the potential they see here in the future. So, be a step ahead and be part of this community. If you’re interested or want to know more about Emaar South, get in touch….!


Why is Dubai shifting towards the South of Dubai?

The shift of Dubai to the south of Dubai is actually to distribute the upcoming influx of population evenly to all parts of Dubai.

Why to invest in Emaar South?

The city is shifting towards the south and the government’s effort for the betterment of this area is going to bring a great change in the sector of Dubai real estate. So, as the community Emaar South is located in the southern part of Dubai, the scope of this location will eventually reflect in the manner of great returns.

How much GDP does the government expect from the Dubai South area?

The government of Dubai is expecting to receive 35% of GDP by 2025 from the South of Dubai.

What are the demographics of Dubai South?

In Dubai South, an estimated 25000 residents are already living in this area and this entire city is expected to accommodate 1 million people that too by creating 500,000 jobs in a few years.

What is the difference between Dubai South and Emaar South?

Emaar South: Primarily residential with integrated lifestyle and leisure amenities.

Dubai South: Broader development aimed at economic, residential, and commercial integration, hosting the Al Maktoum International Airport and the Expo 2020 site.

Which area is Emaar south?

Dubai South is a large-scale development focusing on various sectors including logistics, aviation, commercial, and residential, whereas Emaar South is specifically a residential community within this framework.

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