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Visa Requirements for Real Estate Investors in Dubai 

Investors Visa in Dubai

Investors Visa in Dubai Welcome to the world of Dubai real estate, where opportunities are as limitless as the skyline. As you near onto your investment journey, having a proper knowledge about visa requirements are mandatory. Understanding this might reduce the challenge on the route to your real estate destination, regardless of the visa requirement you have. Let’s see things that are important to be aware of.  

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Visa Requirements Details 

Dubai offers a range of visa options for real estate investors, in which each visa requirement has a unique set of specifications. To make it simple, here are the key requirements for each have been presented in the table for your clarity:   


10-Year Investor Visa (Golden Visa): 

Requirement Details 
Property Investment Property worth at least 2 million AED or multiple properties are acceptable. 
Mortgage Flexibility Mortgaged property is allowed, but the bank or developer must be paid at least 1 million AED. 
Spousal Ownership Couples can jointly own property; ensure your marriage certificate is in order. 
Name Matching Property’s title deed must match your passport name precisely. 
High-Value Properties If property market value exceeds 2 million AED, an official evaluation certificate is mandatory. 
Health Insurance Mandatory health insurance is required for all residence permit applications. 


Retirement Visa: 

Requirement Details 
Property Purchase Property worth a minimum of AED 1 million. 
Age Requirement The applicant must be 55 years or older. 



Two-Year Investor Visa: 

Requirement Details 
Property Investment Property value should be at least AED 750,000. 
Mortgage Details Mortgaged property requires an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the bank, showing the total paid and remaining amounts. 
Payment Proof For completed properties, proof of payment for 50% of the property value or a minimum of AED 375,000 is required. 
Good Conduct Certificate Dubai Police requires a certificate of good conduct addressed to the Dubai Land Department. 


Why Investor Visa in Dubai Matters 

Understanding these visa requirements is pivotal for a smooth Investors Visa in Dubai journey. It ensures you can maximize the benefits of your investment and secure the right Investors Visa in Dubai for your situation. 

Whether you’re looking for long-term residency, retirement in Dubai, or a shorter-term Investors Visa in Dubai, having this knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your goals. 


Final thought on Investor Visa in Dubai 

In the exciting world of Dubai real estate, getting the right Investors Visa in Dubai matters a lot. 

Going through the Dubai real estate market and its visa requirements might be crucial, but it doesn’t have to be. Whichever Investors Visa in Dubai requirement you have doesn’t matter, we have covered it for you. Our motto is to lead your Dubai real estate way without any hassles. Reach out for more about your path to success in Dubai’s real estate Investors Visa in Dubai Market. 

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