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OMNIYAT’s Marasi Bay Masterplan: A Future Tourism Hub in Dubai

Marasi Bay Masterplan

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Marasi Bay Masterplan

Dubai’s ever-evolving landscape is set for another transformation, thanks to OMNIYAT’s latest venture. The acquisition of Marasi Bay marina by OMNIYAT has sent ripples of excitement through the real estate and tourism sectors. Let’s break down what this means for Dubai and its visitors:

Marasi Bay Masterplan

OMNIYAT's Bold Move:

  • OMNIYAT, a prominent developer in Dubai, made waves with its announcement about acquiring Marasi Bay Marina in September.
  • This acquisition signifies a significant shift in OMNIYAT’s focus, expanding its architectural expertise beyond individual properties.

A Complete Enclave:

  • With the acquisition of Marasi Bay, OMNIYAT ventures into creating a comprehensive and exclusive ultra-luxury enclave.
  • This means that OMNIYAT is not just building properties; they are crafting an entire world of opulence.

A Game Changer for Tourism:

This new development at Marasi Bay is set to enhance Dubai’s appeal, drawing in tourists from around the globe. With its luxurious features and beautiful setting, it’s bound to be a magnet for visitors seeking a remarkable experience.

Marasi Bay Marina:

Marasi Bay Marina offers a peaceful waterfront escape in the busy city. Its strategic position makes it perfect for both tourists and locals looking for a serene yet convenient retreat. With its picturesque setting, it’s destined to become a favorite destination for relaxation and leisure.

Architectural Brilliance:

  • OMNIYAT is renowned for its architectural innovation and unique designs.
  • With the Marasi Bay project, visitors and residents can look forward to a visual treat with stunning architectural marvels.

Luxury Redefined:

  • OMNIYAT’s expansion into creating an ultra-luxury enclave sets a new standard for luxury living in Dubai.
  • This project aims to redefine what it means to live in opulence.

Tourist Magnet:

  • Dubai’s tourism industry is set to benefit significantly from Marasi Bay’s development.
  • The pristine waterfront location will be a magnet for tourists seeking a taste of luxury and tranquility.

Economic Impact:

  • Projects of this magnitude have far-reaching economic effects, from job creation to boosting local businesses.
  • Marasi Bay’s development is expected to contribute positively to the local economy.


OMNIYAT’s acquisition of Marasi Bay Marina is a game-changer for Dubai’s tourism and real estate sectors. The creation of an exclusive, ultra-luxury enclave in this prime waterfront location promises to redefine luxury living and attract a global audience. With OMNIYAT’s architectural brilliance, Marasi Bay is set to become a must-visit destination and a testament to Dubai’s commitment to innovation and opulence.


What is the Marasi Bay Masterplan?

The Marasi Bay Masterplan is a developmental project located along the Dubai Canal, featuring a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, aimed at offering a luxurious and sustainable waterfront living experience.

What types of residential units are available at Marasi Bay?

Marasi Bay offers a variety of residential units including apartments, condominiums, floating homes, villas, and townhouses.

What are some of the key features of the Marasi Bay Masterplan?

Key features of the Marasi Bay Masterplan include modern residential and commercial buildings, marinas, floating homes, green spaces, retail and dining districts, and various health and wellness facilities.

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