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Misconceptions About Life in Dubai

Misconceptions About Life in Dubai

Misconceptions About Life in Dubai

Dubai, the vibrant and active metropolis of UAE. It has never failed to capture the imagination of the people worldwide. However  the city is also covered up with numerous myths and misconceptions that can strongly influence a person’s perception of living in a city like Dubai. Here we aim to discuss some of the most common myths about living in Dubai, leading ways to realities that often go unnoticed.

Rent is Very Expensive in Dubai

  • When compared to the common misconceptions, Dubai is setting a wide range of accommodation options to meet the various budgets of limited and personal preferences.
  • Property type, size, location, and amenities are the factors deciding the cost of rental residences.
  • Example: A one-child family earning AED 15K (USD 4K) can afford a 2-bedroom apartment with a monthly housing budget of AED 3.6K (USD 1K).
  • Affordable neighborhoods for such a family include Al Muhaisnah, Al Qusais, Al Warsan, Al Quoz, and Dubai South.
  • Compared to other major cities, Dubai’s rental market is more affordable. As of July 2023, Dubai’s yearly rental price for a 2-bedroom apartment is AED 46K (USD 12.5K), while cities like Sydney, London, Hong Kong, and Niseko have higher rental costs.
City Yearly Rental Price for 2-Bedroom Apartment
Dubai AED 46K (USD 12.5K)
Sydney AED 132K (USD 36K)
London AED 235K (USD 54K)
Hong Kong AED 290K (USD 79K)
Niseko AED 304K (USD 83K)

You Must Be Employed by a UAE Company to Receive a Work Visa

  • It’s not mandatory to have a UAE company as your employer to get a work visa.
  • Apart from work visas sponsored by employers, there is a Green Visa available for freelancers, students, investors, and self-employed individuals.
  • The Green Visa is valid for five years and grants several benefits, like living, studying, working, opening a bank account, and sponsoring family members without requiring a local sponsor or employer.

It Is Difficult to Find Accommodation If You Have a Pet

  • While not all neighborhoods allow pets, several Pet-Friendly Communities in Dubai are welcoming to pet owners.
  • Recommended pet-friendly neighborhoods include Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai Hills Estate, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Dubai Sports City.
  • These areas offer parks, veterinary clinics, pet shops, grooming salons, and pet-friendly establishments.

Dubai Is a Very Expensive City to Live In

  • As per Numbeo’s data for 2023, the monthly cost of living for an individual in Dubai, excluding rent, is around AED 3.6K (USD 1K).
  • A family with two adults and one child can budget around AED 8.6K (USD 2.3K) per month for everyday expenses, excluding housing costs.
Expense Monthly Cost (AED) Monthly Cost (USD)
Groceries (essential items) 84.4 23
Public transport (monthly pass) 319.5 87
1 liter of gas 3 0.86
Utility costs (915-sq.-ft apartment) 697 190
Gym membership (monthly pass) 260 71
Yearly tuition fees for one child 46.2K 12.6K
Clothes and shoes (mass-market retailers) 778.6 212

Children Must Know Arabic to Go to School

  • Dubai offers a wide range of international schools that provide education in various languages, catering to diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Parents can choose between European, British, American, Indian, Russian, and other education systems.
  • If you want your child to learn Arabic, there are children’s language centers in Dubai, such as Headway Institute FZ-LLC, Iqra’a, and The Arabic Language Centre, offering courses for children aged 3-16.

Dubai, frequently seen as a city synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, is actually far more inclusive and varied than many people believe. Through dispelling these misconceptions, our aim is to offer a more precise insight into what life in Dubai is truly like. From affordable housing options to flexible visa programs and a pet-friendly environment, Dubai offers a wide array of opportunities and experiences. Dubai’s schools welcome everyone, and the city’s mix of old and new, along with its exciting lifestyle, attracts people from all over the world.

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