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National Bonds’ My One Million Plan: Your Path to Dh1 Million

one million plan

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My One Million Plan Your Path to 1 Million AED

National Bonds has introduced an exciting new savings and investment opportunity in the UAE known as the ‘My One Million’ plan. This plan is designed to help individuals and businesses work towards accumulating Dh1 million in savings, offering a flexible and customizable approach to reaching this financial milestone. In this blog post, we’ll break down the key features of the ‘My One Million’ plan and explore its positive aspects for those looking to secure their financial future.

one million plan

The 'My One Million' Plan

Introduction National Bonds, a leading investment and savings firm in the UAE, has unveiled the ‘My One Million’ plan. This unique plan is open to both individuals and businesses, offering them the opportunity to embark on a journey to save one million dirhams.

Savings Math

Let’s dive into the mathematics of this intriguing plan. Suppose you opt for a 10-year savings plan and kickstart it with Dh100,000. In this scenario, your monthly contributions would amount to Dh6,200. The beauty of this plan is that you can customize the duration and monthly contribution to align with your financial goals and capabilities.

Empowering Financial Prosperity

Rehab Lootah, the Deputy Group CEO of National Bonds, underlines the company’s mission to empower individuals and corporations by providing them with the knowledge and opportunities to foster long-lasting financial prosperity within the community. ‘My One Million’ is not just about accumulating wealth; it’s about securing your financial future.

Changing Landscape of Savings in the UAE

The savings and investment landscape in the UAE is undergoing a transformation with the implementation of new laws. These regulations are set to redefine how employees allocate their funds towards retirement, providing more flexibility and control. This shift allows individuals to plan their financial future more effectively.

Positive Sides of the 'My One Million' Plan:

  • Customized Saving: ‘My One Million’ offers a highly customizable approach to savings. You have the freedom to set the parameters that best suit your financial situation.
  • Long-Term Financial Security: This plan is designed for those with a long-term vision. It encourages participants to commit to building a strong financial foundation over time.
  • Adaptability: Life is full of twists and turns. The ‘My One Million’ plan accommodates changes in your financial situation. You can adjust your contributions and the plan’s duration as needed.
  • Empowering Employees: New laws offer employees greater control over their financial future, ensuring they have more independence in their savings and retirement planning.
  • Diversification of Savings: Companies can diversify their investment portfolio by participating in the ‘My One Million’ program. This presents an alternative to traditional banking deposits or riskier investment options, potentially providing better returns.
  • Opportunity for Corporations: Businesses can make the most of their gratuity-linked funds by participating in the ‘My One Million’ plan. This offers a chance to optimize their financial assets while working towards a common goal.


The ‘My One Million’ plan by National Bonds provides a unique and adaptable savings and investment opportunity for individuals and businesses in the UAE. With changing laws and regulations promoting financial flexibility and independence, this plan is a gateway to securing your financial future and working towards your Dh1 million goal.


What is the one million plan?

The One Million plan allows savers to achieve the much-coveted goal of getting to AED 1 million in a seamless and convenient manner. 

What is the second salary plan in the UAE?

National Bonds Second Salary Scheme: Monthly Income Scheme in UAE. The Second Salary National Bonds Scheme is a savings plan in the UAE that allows you to earn a monthly income from your investments.

What is the income of top 1 in UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, for example, $922,000 is the annual pretax income required to bump you into the 1%.

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