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Smart Buying in Dubai: Your Q&A Guide to Property Investment

Property Investment in Dubai

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Property Investment in Dubai

Investing in Dubai real estate can reward you with unpredictable profit, but the core of it often comes with many questions. While some buyers seek guidance from real estate consultants, others prefer to start the journey independently. If you are planning to go further with the property buying decision in Dubai, you should put yourself in getting answers to some of the questions. Yes, this article provides some of the premier questions and their answers that make you fit in making decisions with and without a real estate consultant.

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Property Investment in Dubai

Why Should I Invest in Dubai’s Real Estate?

Investing in Dubai’s real estate market offers several advantages, including:

  • Tax-free incomes.
  • Top-notch infrastructure and a diverse economy.
  • High rental income is comparable to London and New York.
  • High standard of living
  • A safe environment for families.

What is the time frame for purchasing new Property in Dubai?

Normally, it takes around a month to complete a property transaction in Dubai. This period actually starts immediately after the buyer and seller sign the sale agreement.

What includes in the property buying procedures?

The buying process generally involves the following steps:

  • Finalize and sign the sale agreement.
  • By agreeing to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), pay 10% of the purchase value.
  • Get the developer to sign a No Objection Certificate(NOC).
  • Get the new title deed from the Dubai Land Department and make the full payment.

As a property owner am I supposed to pay tax?

No, but they cover annual maintenance and service charges, with payment frequency depending on the property. But do not charge tax, as the UAE is a tax free country.

Are Dubai Properties Subjected to VAT?

VAT at 5% applies to sales of commercial property but not to residential property leases.

What Is a Freehold Property?

A freehold property owner can enjoy complete ownership over the structure and the surrounding area. Freehold homes are the most popular choice for foreigners who are seeking to invest in the Dubai real estate market. This is permitted for both UAE citizens and non-citizens.

Can a Foreigner Have 100% Property Ownership in Dubai?

Yes, foreigners can enjoy 100% property ownership in Dubai, especially in free zones like Al Furjan and Palm Jumeirah.

Can I Rent Out My Property in Dubai? What Rental Income Can a Homeowner Collect?

You can rent out your property in Dubai, and the rental income varies based on factors like property type, location, and service charges, averaging between 5% and 10% annually.

Can I Close the Deal Without Involving a Real Estate Agent?

While it’s possible to close a deal without an agent, it’s highly recommended to work with one. Agents possess valuable market knowledge and expertise and can help negotiate deals effectively.

What quality should you consider in a real estate agent?

Consider the following while choosing a real estate agent:

  • A legitimate commercial permit issued by the Department of Economic Development in dubai.
  • Registration under RERA includes obtaining an Office Registration Number (ORN) and a Broker Registration Number for the agent.
  • An endorsement from the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) and adherence to the RERA code of Ethics.

Navigating Dubai’s real estate market can be a smooth process with the right knowledge. Whether you consult an agent or go solo, understanding these frequently asked questions will empower you to make informed decisions when buying or investing in Dubai’s real estate market.


What are the disadvantages of buying property in Dubai?
Common Risks of Buying Property in Dubai
  • Market Volatility. …
  • The Risk of Miscommunication. …
  • The Reliability of the Developer. …
  • The Quality of the Real Estate. …
  • Construction Delays. …
  • Unforeseen Expenses. …
  • Installments and Mortgage. …
  • District Selection.
Is it profitable to buy a house in Dubai?

Yes, this can be a favorable opportunity for those seeking potentially lucrative returns and a luxurious lifestyle. 

How much do you need to invest in real estate in Dubai?

The cheapest property in the emirate of Dubai is a studio of 511 sqft in The Square, Al Mamzar. The price for this type of real estate constitutes just AED 180,000 (USD 49,000).

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