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Impact of One Year Delay In Buying Dubai Properties!

purchase property in dubai

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Making a decision to purchase a home is one of life’s most vital turning moments, especially when considering the option to purchase property in Dubai. Being at that point, also depends on taking a financial decision that comes with a set of considerations, particularly when it comes to purchasing property in Dubai. If you find yourself making this choice, you’ll definitely be wondering, ‘’If waiting a year more could really make a difference when it comes to purchasing property in Dubai?’’. Continue reading for more insights.

purchase property in dubai

Article overview

In this article on the real estate sector, we’re going to cover up the surprising ways a single year can alter your financial landscape when it comes to buying a home, especially when considering the option to purchase property in Dubai. We’ll break down the numbers and present them in a straightforward table to illustrate the potential impact on your ability to purchase property in Dubai. So, let’s begin by looking at an estimate of your monthly earnings and yearly savings when considering the decision to purchase property in Dubai:

How Your Money Adds Up

Monthly Earnings

Yearly Earnings

Yearly Savings (Approx.)

50,000 AED

600,000 AED

200,000 AED

80,000 AED

960,000 AED

400,000 AED

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Your Earnings and Savings in Simple Terms

If you are earning AED 80K per month from your property in Dubai, you are actually setting a year over year earning of AED 960K. Now even after spending all of your regular expenses, you may still have around 400,000 AED savings in your pocket.

How Home Prices Go Up

Let’s now discuss how the value of property may impact your ability to save. Consider that your family of four is looking for a home with three bedrooms. Home prices are tremendously rising by 20% annually in several areas of Dubai. In other words, just think that a property you’re interested in Dubai is currently priced between AED 1.5 million and AED 2 million could reach an impressive height by reaching around AED 300K to 400K within just a single year.

Potential Property Price Increase

Initial Property Price (AED)

Potential Increase (20%)

Price Increase (AED)







What It Means for Your Savings

Here’s the deal: the increase in the property price could match what you’ve saved up in a year. This means that waiting for one more year might erase all your hard-earned savings because of rising home prices.

Real-Life Examples

Let’s see some factual examples. In popular neighborhoods like Arabian Ranches 3, Valley, Mudon, and similar areas, house prices have gone up by at least 400,000 to 800,000 AED in just one year.

Purchase Property in Dubai When Sq Ft rates are lower

On the other hand, if you’d already bought that house, the value of your property would have effectively doubled thanks to its price going up. For instance, those who bought property in the emirate two to three years ago, when the market hit a low point. At that point people have made wise decisions as the average price per sq ft was lower. The average price per sq ft was less than AED 900 at that moment. Later on the figure has reached to no less than 1300, which is actually an AED 100 higher than the price peak of 2014. A proper research is something essential to have before you purchase property in Dubai, particularly when buying villas and townhouses in Dubai. 

Why invest in Dubai?

  • The city offers higher rental returns than many other mature real estate markets. On average, investors can achieve gross rental yields of between 5-9%.
  • Property prices per square foot are lower than many other cities globally, making Dubai an affordable location to own prime real estate. As of quarter 4 2023, the average price per sq ft for Dubai property is AED 1435.
  • New visa policies in connection with property investment enable investors to gain a residence visa subject to certain conditions.
  1. Properties valued above AED 1 million can get you a 2-year residency visa.
  2. Properties valued above AED 5 million will make you entitled for a 5-year residency visa.
  3. And above AED 10 million, make you capable of having a 10-year residency visa.
  • Highly favorable tax conditions in particular, the tax free environment, that are applicable in other global real estate markets, also paints the city as a highly attractive investment environment.
  • The prospect of possibly lower mortgage rates in 2024 for financed buyers could further encourage tenants to switch to becoming owner-occupiers, as the current trend sees rents rise faster than capital values.

The newly announced Dubai Metro line will likely impact demand within communities that will benefit from the transport links.

High interest areas for buyers in Dubai

Given Dubai’s dynamic real estate market, there is also a visible pattern of interest across various segments, like apartments, villas, townhouses and more that caters to the needs and preferences of different buyer profiles. For entry-level homeowners and investors, freehold areas such as Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Arjan, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai South have attracted high interest due to affordability and new launches. Mid-level market areas, particularly the villa communities such as Arabian Ranches, The Springs, The Lakes, The Valley, and The Meadows are attracting homeowners due to convenient locations nearby family schools and work locations. Investors for these areas are seeing opportunities to modernize properties and rent at high rates or resell at profit.

Consider these before purchase property in Dubai

Whether you purchase property in Dubai for your personal use or for investment, it is important to consider all these below mentioned factors;

  • Location (Check whether the land is freehold and know the scope of that land )
  • Know your ownership in the property
  • Facilities and amenities available in the community
  • Proximity to transport, education, healthcare and more
  • Size and price of the residential properties
  • Quality of the property
  • The history of any UAE developer from whom you’re choosing property.
  • Market conditions and timing of purchase
  • Maintenance costs
  • Potential investment scope of the community
  • Percentage of ROI
  • Connect an agent for proper assistance


Even considering a one year of gap could cost you a lot of potential savings and growing investment. So, when you’re thinking of purchasing property in Dubai, action within a snapping time could positively impact your financial status. If currently you are in this condition, it might be a smart move to proceed things faster instead of waiting. Actually Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the best property investment destinations of the UAE. But still Dubai is comparatively a better option for getting a greater return on your money. If you are in need of any assistance in locating the ideal property, here we are to lead you throughout the whole process until you find your desired destination. Reach out at the earliest, if you are planning to purchase property in Dubai!


Will I get 100% property ownership in Dubai properties?

Yes, you will definitely get 100% ownership on your property in Dubai. Because the Dubai government has come up with a favorable policy for the expat to have full ownership when you are buying properties in a freehold area of Dubai.

Is it worth buying property in Dubai?

Yes, let’s look at an example; The average price per sq ft was less than AED 900 in the early market. Later on the figure has reached to no less than 1300, which is actually an AED 100 higher than the price peak of 2014.

Which nationality owns the most property in Dubai?

The top nationalities who invest in Dubai are:

  • India
  • United Kingdom.
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • France
  • Canada
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Egypt
Are off plan properties profitable?

Actually it is cost-effective and you can get flexible payment options. This affordability and flexibility make off-plan investments good for both seasoned investors and first-time buyers. Also the properties brought during the time of construction can actually get you a greater appreciation by the time of completion.

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