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Rivana at The Valley

Rivana at The Valley

Rivana at The Valley (Off-plan) – Your Dream Villa Destination

Let’s kick off our exploration of Rivana at The Valley by Emaar, this project is still in the planning stages. It’s not ready yet, but it’s going to be incredible! Imagine a luxurious living space in the Dubai desert. Here we’ll introduce you to all the fantastic aspects of Rivana. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the future of high-end living.

Placed along the scenic Dubai-Al Ain Road, Rivana offers a range of exquisite 3, 4, and 5-bedroom twin villas designed to perfection. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Rivana the ideal choice for your next home.

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The Perfect Home

Rivana features stunning twin villas, each meticulously crafted with flawless craftsmanship and high-quality materials. You can choose from two architectural styles: Kai and Clara, both designed to provide an exceptional living experience. Whether you’re a family or an individual looking for a spacious and luxurious home, Rivana at The Valley has you covered.

Community Living at Its Best

Rivana is just one part of The Valley, a master-planned community that aims to provide a wholesome lifestyle. Residents can enjoy by having access to a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities that includes The Valley’s Golden Beach, lush pocket parks, a vibrant farmer’s market, and a variety of gourmet dining options. It’s not just a home, but a well defined off-plan lifestyle.


The Valley Masterplan

The Valley, Dubai, promotes a thoughtfully designed master plan that encompasses modern townhouse complexes surrounded by lush green landscapes. This vibrant community offers lifestyle amenities, educational options, healthcare services, leisure activities, and recreational facilities, all in attractive settings.


                           Project                   Est. Completion
EdenQ4, 2023
NaraQ4, 2024
TaliaQ1, 2025
Orania At The ValleyQ4, 2025

The Farm Gardens

Q3, 2026

Q3, 2026

RivanaQ1, 2027


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The Valley is not just about housing; it’s about creating a green, healthy, and vibrant environment for residents. You’ll find jogging trails, parks, playgrounds, and even a dedicated Kids’ Dale spanning across 10,000 sq. m. next to an archaeological site and amphitheater.


Options Available

If you’re looking for something distinct, The Valley has it all. Here’s an overview to some of the sub-communities within The Valley:


  • Nara: 3 to 5-bedroom townhomes in three architectural designs.
  • Talia: 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses in three different architectural designs.
  • Orania: 3 and 4-bedroom houses with a choice of two styles.
  • Elora: 3 and 4-bedroom houses with a choice of two architectural styles.
  • The Farm Gardens: 4 and 5-bedroom villas in two architectural styles.
  • Rivana: 3 to 5-bedroom twin villas with two architectural themes.



Pricing for Your Off-Plan Dream

The Valley offers a range of options to suit various budgets. Here’s an overview of the average sales prices in AED:



For example, you can find a 3-bedroom villa starting from AED 1.3 million or a larger 4-bedroom villa for an average of AED 1.7 million. The Valley caters to both your lifestyle and budget needs.


Flexible Off-Plan Payment Plans

Investing in The Valley is made easier with flexible post-handover payment plans spanning 30 months. Whether you choose a townhouse or a villa, you’ll have options that fit your financial situation.


Prime Off-Plan Location

Rivana at The Valley boasts a prime location with direct access to Dubai-Al Ain Road. It’s conveniently situated near The Sevens Stadium and just a short drive away from Al Marmoom Heritage Village. What’s more, Dubai Outlet Mall is a mere 9 to 10 minutes away by car.

Rivana at The Valley is your gateway to a life of luxury, convenience, and community living, even in its off-plan phase. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this incredible off-plan development. Explore the floor plans and start planning your move to your dream villa in Rivana today!



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