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DHG Properties Bringing Swiss Charm to Dubai’s Luxury Real Estate Market

Swiss Charm to Dubai's Luxury Real Estate Market

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Swiss Charm to Dubai's Luxury Real Estate Market

In the dynamic scene of Dubai’s real estate market, DHG Properties, a prestigious Swiss developer, is set to make a significant impact by introducing Swiss charm to the luxury real estate sector, all while maintaining affordability. Let’s take a look into the exciting developments in the Dubai luxury real estate market and DHG’s ambitious ventures:

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Swiss Property Elegance in Dubai:

  • DHG Properties is on the verge of launching a series of high-end projects in Dubai, promising to infuse Swiss charm into the city’s living spaces.
  • These projects are designed to offer opulent luxury residences that have been thoughtfully crafted to cater to your aspirations of a lavish lifestyle.

Luxury Living at Affordable Prices:

  • DHG recognizes that luxury can be offered without an excessively high price tag.
  • Their objective is to offer cost-effective choices for individuals seeking the peak of luxury within their residences.
  • Having amassed over three decades of experience in the real estate sector, DHG is fully equipped to introduce high-quality living choices to Dubai’s residents.

Venturing into Commercial Real Estate:

Beyond residential properties, DHG has its sights set on the highly sought-after commercial real estate sector in Dubai. This expansion underscores the developer’s commitment to meeting a variety of real estate needs in the city.

Expanding Across the GCC:

DHG Properties is not limiting its ambitions to Dubai alone. They are poised to venture into other GCC markets, extending their Swiss-inspired luxury living experiences to a broader audience in the region.

Exploring Opportunities in the UAE:

While Dubai remains a primary focus, DHG is actively exploring opportunities within the UAE. This demonstrates their dedication to serving the wider UAE luxury real estate market.


DHG Properties is all set to add a touch of Swiss sophistication to Dubai’s luxury real estate market, offering affordability without compromising on luxury. With a legacy spanning three decades, their expansion into the commercial sector and other GCC markets showcases their commitment to diversifying real estate options in the region. As they explore opportunities within the UAE, residents and investors can look forward to experiencing the blend of Swiss charm and Dubai’s rapidly growing real estate scene. Stay tuned for more updates as DHG Properties continues to redefine luxury living in Dubai and beyond.


Can a foreigner buy a house in Swiss?

Not all foreign nationals are free to purchase property in Switzerland.

Is Swiss real estate a good investment?

Investing in real estate in Switzerland is therefore particularly worthwhile if you have a long-term investment horizon.

Is Switzerland expensive to buy property?

Is real estate cheap in Switzerland? No. Swiss real estate prices are among the highest in Europe. 

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