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The Valley by Emaar – Twin villas in Duabi

the valley by emaar dubai

The Valley by Emaar Dubai

Envisage a quaint new town consisting of townhouse complexes, a twin villa & a standalone villa cluster in a sustainable community in blissful harmony with nature, where life finds its inspiration amidst the vast shimmering sands & lush green open spaces. The Valley is a self-sufficient community offering a range of lifestyle amenities, educational options, healthcare services, leisure activities, and recreational facilities in a picturesque setting.

The phenomena of urban living in Dubai has had a renaissance post-pandemic, with the demand for villas & townhouses growing exponentially in lieu of families opting to have open spaces as opposed to living in apartments. The population of Dubai at 3.2 million to date is set to grow up to 5.2 million by 2030, but the existing supply for townhouses and villas will only see an addition of 30,000 units taking it up to 70,000 & this tug of war between the demand for & the supply is something investors & end users will have to contend with & use it to their advantage by securing units when they are launched.

Over the last decade, villa and townhouse communities have predominantly sprouted along Hessa Street and Al Qudra Road, emerging as epicenters of urban living. This development carries dual implications: while indicative of high demand and investor interest, it has also led to congestion in these areas, causing travel times to major Dubai destinations like downtown and the airport to extend to 45 minutes during rush hours.

Recognizing this challenge, Emaar, with its visionary outlook, seized an opportunity and unveiled an exemplary community strategically situated along the revitalized Dubai Al Ain Road. This road, now transformed with a 2-billion-dirham makeover, has evolved into a six-lane highway with three interchanges and service roads. Residents of The Valley by Emaar Dubai  now enjoy seamless access to key destinations, including Downtown and Dubai International Airport, all within a convenient 25-minute reach. The proximity to Emirates Road, Al Nahyan Road, and Bin Zayed Road, all within a five-minute radius, unfolds a plethora of choices, effectively rendering the entire emirate accessible as an open canvas. Notably, The Valley’s strategic position at the junction of Al Ain and Lehbab Road also accounts for the future prominence of DWC World Central Airport, set to be among the world’s largest and busiest airports, and a mere 28-minute drive from The valley by emaar – Dubai.

Despite the inherent distance of urban living communities from the city center, certain fundamental infrastructure requisites such as schools, supermarkets, and recreational venues are essential for cultivating sought-after communities. In this context, The Valley’s advantageous location comes to the forefront. With the outlet mall, Silicon Central, and the expansive fruit and vegetable market all situated within a 5 to 10-minute drive, convenience is paramount. Abundant schooling options are available in academic city and Nad Al Sheba. For recreation and entertainment, the Rugby Sevens and a myriad of unique indoor theme parks beckon, ensuring a spectrum of experiences at your disposal.

Anticipated demand for The Valley will emanate from areas like academic city, Silicon Oasis, and locales between downtown and the international airport. These vertical communities, often offering limited choices for spacious family urban living, will inevitably turn toward The Valley’s unique proposition. Adding to its allure, The Valley is the sole freehold urban living community along this stretch, promising substantial capital appreciation and unparalleled rentals due to the absence of comparable options for such communities in these areas.

A community’s essence hinges on meticulous master planning and an exhaustive roster of family-centric amenities, both of which epitomize Emaar’s standing as a developer renowned for delivering, nurturing, and upholding excellence. A single glance at The Valley’s master plan suffices to showcase Emaar’s expertise. Unquestionably, The Valley by Emaar emerges as the epitome of a family-oriented community, boasting up to 10 unparalleled family-centric amenities and a master plan that echoes Emaar’s mastery as a seasoned developer. Upon entry, the imposing 32,000-square-meter town center takes center stage, housing indoor and outdoor retail spaces, farmers’ markets, and a myriad of gourmet dining options. Among these amenities, The Pavilion stands out—a landscaped 13,000-square-meter linear central park weaving through the community’s spine, interconnecting all clusters. This park features water elements, sports facilities, and a range of evolving definitions over time. The third amenity, a 30,000-square-meter Golden Beach nestled at the community’s heart, offers a beach-like experience, complete with kids’ play areas, F&B options, and recreational zones. Adjacent to this, an exclusive area for aspiring golfers, a dedicated Putting Hole, awaits. The fourth amenity, the expansive 20,000-square-meter Sports Village, stands apart from other communities by centralizing diverse sports facilities such as football, tennis, basketball, and more. Unlike most communities, where facilities are scattered, The Valley by emaar cohesive approach ensures convenience, particularly for parents overseeing children engaged in various sports. The fifth amenity, dedicated to the community’s children, takes the form of a sprawling 10,000-square-meter kids’ dale, featuring outdoor activities like rock climbing, archaeological play zones, and an amphitheater for child-centric activities.

The Valley by Emaar has witnessed the launch of five clusters of townhouses, a cluster of twin villas, and expansive standalone villa clusters. Eden, Nara, Talia, Orania, and Elora, each offering 3 to 4-bedroom configurations, boast unique designs. What binds them is their generous sikka sizes and carpeted areas, outshining those of other developers. The 3-bedroom townhouses span around 2100-2200 sq ft, while the 4-bedroom units encompass approximately 2600 sq ft. The twin villa cluster, Rivana, introduces 3, 4, and 5-bedroom semidetached units, encircling a crystalline lagoon, open pond, river island, and community lawn crowned by a viewing mound. Rivana’s distinctive G+2 layout and plot sizes garnered immense interest. Lastly, The Farm Gardens, The Valley’s standalone villa cluster, presents an innovative farm-to-table concept within your premises. Enhanced by a hydroponic greenhouse and community gardening, the villa architecture at Farm Gardens draws inspiration from the enveloping landscape, with lush palm trees, ghaf forests, desert majlis, and bonfires elevating the outdoor panorama.

By now, you’re likely captivated by The Valley’s amenities, master plan, and unique clusters, all of which amplify its allure. As the new townhouse cluster, Lillia, is set to be unveiled, do not hesitate to reach out for comprehensive details about this upcoming launch. Check out all the properties…. 

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