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Recent Trends in the Dubai Real Estate Market

Trends in the Dubai Real Estate Market

Trends in the Dubai Real Estate Market

When it comes to Dubai’s real estate market, it’s always an interesting topic to discuss. In August 2023, the ValuStrat Price Index (VPI) gave us some valuable insights into the state of Dubai’s real estate market. In this blog, we’ll break down the key points in a reader-friendly way, using bullet points and tables.


The ValuStrat Price Index (VPI) Overview

Month/YearMonthly GrowthAnnual IncreaseTotal Points
August 20231.9%13.8%94.6


  • The VPI increased by 1.9% in August 2023, showing robust monthly growth.
  • On an annual basis, there was a substantial increase of 13.8%.
  • The VPI reached a total of 94.6 points in August 2023, compared to the baseline of 100 points set in January 2014.

Apartment vs. Villa Performance

Property TypeVPI Score
  • The VPI scores for apartments and villas indicate their relative performance compared to the baseline.

Apartment Submarket Highlights

  • Apartments in Dubai experienced their highest capital growth in a decade.
  • Monthly capital gains for apartments were 1.5%, and annual growth rates were 10%.
  • Specific areas with high annual performance for apartments included The Greens (14.7%), Discovery Gardens (14.1%), Motor City (13%), and Jumeirah Beach Residence (11.3%).
  • Palm Jumeirah came in second with a 19.3% annual performance.

Villa Market Insights

  • Villa prices increased by 2.4% from July to August and by 18.2% annually.
  • While these increases were significant, they were lower than the exceptional annual capital gains of 33.9% experienced by villas in February 2022.
  • Villas in Jumeirah Islands (24.2%), Palm Jumeirah (22.1%), Dubai Hills Estate (22%), and Emirates Hills (20.6%) had the best annual returns.
  • Jumeirah Park, Arabian Ranches, and Jumeirah Islands all saw price increases of up to 3.2% over their 2014 highs.

Dubai Residential Market Highlights

  • Sales of homes increased by 1.1% monthly and 5.8% annually.
  • Off-plan Oqood (contract) registrations surged by 13% monthly and 40.8% annually, reaching a three-year high.
  • Transactions for ready homes decreased by 26.2% yearly and 14.6% monthly.
  • This month, apartment sales accounted for 95% of total transactions, 100% of off-plan registrations, and 88% of ready home title documents.

Popular Property Developers

DeveloperPercentage of Sales
  • These property developers topped the sales lists in August 2023.

Popular Off-Plan Areas

Off-Plan AreaPercentage of Sales
Business Bay15.1%
Jumeirah Village15%
Sobha Hartland9%
Dubai Harbour6.5%
  • These were among the most popular off-plan areas traded in August.

Popular Ready Home Areas

  • The majority of ready homes sold were in Jumeirah Village (9.2%), Dubai Marina (8.3%), Business Bay (6.5%), International City (4.9%), and Downtown Dubai (4.8%). Other areas also saw ready home sales.

Market Trends

  • Mid-market and reasonably priced locations are gaining popularity in the market.
  • International City ranked fourth among cities with the most ready-to-sell homes in August.
  • Arjan came in third in terms of the greatest number of off-plan registrations.
  • Business Bay set a new record for the most off-plan properties traded in a single month, surpassing its previous mark.

In summary, Dubai’s real estate market in August 2023 showed remarkable growth in property values, particularly in the apartment and villa segments. Affordable and mid-market areas are becoming increasingly popular, and the market continues to evolve. These insights from the ValuStrat Price Index give us a clear picture of the positive trajectory of Dubai’s real estate market.

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