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The World Islands in Dubai World-Class Amenities

The World Islands in Dubai

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The World Islands in Dubai

The World Islands, also known as The World, is a remarkable real estate project in Dubai developed by Nakheel Properties, and the project was originally conceived by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. It comprises 300 man-made islands designed in the shape of a global map, with each cluster named after one of the seven continents. Located approximately 4 km off the Jumeirah coastline, The World Islands offers a cosmopolitan experience with luxurious living, world-class entertainment, and iconic attractions.

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world islands in dubai

Project Development and Facts

  • The project, initially announced in 2003, began with 200 islands and later expanded to 300 by 2004.
  • The islands were constructed through extensive land reclamation efforts, using millions of tons of sand and rock. Two breakwaters shield the islands from sea waves.
  • The World Islands cover an area of nearly 600 million sq. ft, measuring 9 km in width and 7 km from the south pole to the north pole.
  • Dubai World Security ensures round-the-clock marine security for The World Islands.

Island Clusters

  • The World Islands are divided into seven sets of islands, each representing a different continent.
  • Most islands remain undeveloped, but notable ones include Ireland Island in Europe and Shanghai Island in Asia.
  • Isla Moda, a fashion island, was announced in 2008, where designers from around the world are invited to create unique elements.
  • Royal Island Beach Club, located on Lebanon Island, opened in 2012, offering a private beach club experience with various amenities.

Properties Available

The World Islands in Dubai offer a variety of properties, including luxury apartments, standalone villas, hotel apartments, and residential plots for sale.

Property Prices

  • Studio apartments in The World Islands in Dubai are available for prices ranging from AED 1.1M to AED 6.5M.
  • One-bedroom units start at AED 1.4M and can go up to AED 17M.
  • For a two-bedroom apartment, the starting price is AED 4.1M.
  • Villas vary in size and cost, with two-bedroom villas starting at about AED 13M, and six-bedroom villas reaching AED 63M.

Popular Communities in World Islands in Dubai

Highly demanded locations within The World Islands include The Heart of Europe, Sweden Island, and Zuha Island.


  • Côte d’Azur Monaco Hotel and Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort are two popular hotels within The World Islands.
  • The Anantara Resort, located within the South American region, offers various accommodations and private beach access.
  • Côte d’Azur Monaco Hotel is part of The Heart of Europe development.

Transportation and Access to World Islands 

  • Due to ongoing development, transportation to and from The World Islands in Dubai is limited.
  • A 15-minute boat ride from Palm Jumeirah provides access to The World Islands in Dubai, and air travel is also an option.

Dining and Nightlife in World Islands in Dubai

  • Currently, most restaurants in The World Islands are part of hotels, such as La Brasserie & Raining Street in Côte d’Azur Monaco Hotel, offering French cuisine.
  • Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort includes restaurants like Luna, Helios, Qamar, and HamacLand, offering a range of international cuisines and beautiful views.


The World Islands are surrounded by pristine beaches, accessible to property owners and hotel guests.

Leisure and Landmarks

  • The Heart of Europe, still under development, is a prominent landmark.
  • Isla Moda Island and Nakheel’s Coral Island Resort are highly anticipated leisure destinations.
  • In the meantime, the Royal Island Beach Club on Lebanon Island offers a place for leisure.


The World Islands is primarily a project for staycation facilities, and many residential communities are still in development.

The World Islands offers a glimpse into a luxurious and unique real estate venture in Dubai, promising a cosmopolitan lifestyle with stunning landscapes and world-class amenities.


How many world islands are in Dubai?

It consists of 300 artificial islands, each representing a different country or geographic region from around the world. 

What are the 7 islands of the UAE?
  • Das Island.
  • Halat al Bahrani.
  • Jazirat Badiyah.
  • Saadiyat Island.
  • Snoopy Island.
  • Sir Abu Nu’ayr.
  • Qarnain island.
  • Al Fahid Island.
What is the largest island in Dubai?

Palm Jumeirah is the largest island in dubai.

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